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Southeast Asian Street

Date:2010-10-02  Clicks:124


Design theme:

The design is based on the extraction of Southeast Asian horticulture styles (such as free-style scenery plans) with the combination of typical characteristics of the urban and rural plan of Southeast Asia (the combination of axes, square, curve, and linear blocks; typical urban texture such as harbor and inside courtyard). The mixed and matched southeast architectural symbols render an intimate effect and make a group of town buildings featuring typical Southeast Asian features. Visitors will not only dine, rest, and be entertained there but also personally experience the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia.

Brief Introduction:

The Southeast Asian Street is an exotic place full of passion, nature, energy, and romance. With the 3#、4#、5#、6# buildings showcasing royal architectural styles, the splendid traditional Thai architecture- multi-storey house is the main structural form. The 5# building is the landmark architecture at the scenic spot. The 2# building, however, is typical Southeast Asian architecture, simple and romantic, full of local color.

Design highlights:

The Southeast Asian Park symbolizes the essence of nature, health, and recreation. Coconut trees, palm trees and other various tropical plants decorated by abundant bushes make a vigorous world of tropical gardens. In the picture, there are the peaceful bower, zigzag pier, winding “Water Street” embracing the building with shadows and laughter. The graceful green plants and architecture are reflected in the undulating blue waters. A marvelous view of Southeast scenery is presented in an all-round way.